NIKON Z6 III Shutter count

Rumors about the Z6III have been around for some time, including its resemblance to the Zf, which in turn shares a lot with the Nikon Z6 II, so we can expect a similar lineup. This would mean that we are after features like Focus Point VR, to communicate the body with the stabilization system, pre-release capture, which takes the picture before the shutter button is fully pressed, and some subject recognition routines for the autofocus system. On the more technical side we will have 7 stops of stabilization in the camera body, burst shooting up to 40fps in full-frame or 120fps and 12-bit 6k 60p and 4k 120. The life expectancy of its shutter is completely unknown at this time.

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NIKON Z6 III Life expectancy

The NIKON Z6 III has a Shutter count expectancy of: 150000 shots

Check how this value compares with other camera models' shutter count life expectancy, including low range and high range cameras in the chart below.

Life expectancy in years of NIKON Z6 III

This camera should last on average 150000 shots. But also consider that the lifetime of a camera, measured in years, will depend on the number of pictures you take per day. Taking 100 pictures per day, would cause the camera to last close to 4 years. Of course that would also mean that the less pictures taken per day, the less the shutter wears, and therefore it will last longer. Check the next table that summarizes it.

Pictures taken per dayAverage life expectancy measured in years

nikon z6 iii release date

This camera is not available in the market yet, but soon will be so keep an eye on it

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