Shutter count for sony

Almost all photographs, taken with most cameras, do not give problems in obtaining its shutter count data, however in the case of Sony this is not as trivial as it seems.

You can test it yourself by going directly to our shutter count form and uploading a picture.

Where does Sony store the shutter count?

I will explain slightly why it is so complicated.

Each camera manufacturer decides on its own format to store unique information related to its equipment, such as the shutter count. However, the internal mechanism of this format is not made available to the general public, so it requires a huge reverse engineering effort to deduce the way it works and, unfortunately, it is not always possible.

Also, it's worth mentioning the possibility that Sony may not even put that information on some of their models, I personally don't know why they would do something like that.

In addition to this, Sony uses somewhat cryptic names for its equipment models. For example: the internal name of the Sony Alpha 7III is ILCE-7M3, which can complicate the search for information in the metadata of the photographs.

These design decisions made by Sony make it difficult to find the metadata of your photos in your Sony photograph, but ... it is what it is, we can not do anything about it, unless we demand it, explicitly, from Sony.

How to get the shutter count for Sony?

You can use any shutter count reader as this, however we don't guarantee if you're going to get a successful outcome, but you can try your luck by uploading a picture here: